What clients are saying about our biofeedback and mindfulness program:

    "Learning the techniques of biofeedback with Heather Berry at the Center for Positive Change has taught me how to use the tools to take back control, both emotionally and physically, of my life.
    I am a 70 year old woman who has suffered with the pain and debilitating episodes of Atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeats).  When they first started, 11 years ago, I would have one episode a month and as time continued, they became more frequent, until 7 months before I started biofeedback, they were happening constantly.  Sometimes the pain was so bad, I thought I was having a heart attack.  I had no energy or stamina and was light headed, and couldn't do what normal people do every day.  I had been told by the cardiologist to "just live with it".  How do you "just live" with something that controls your life in such a way?
    I was also having problems with being lightheaded if I walked a little bit or stood too long, and the doctors didn't know why.  Now if it happens, I know I am not breathing properly, and I know what to do.  I stop, take a moment to breathe the right way, and then I continue on with what I am doing, all because of the tools I have learned from Heather.
    Working with Heather has been a wonderful and exciting experience.  She is knowledgeable, and listens to what you need to help you achieve your goals with a very positive attitude.  She is encouraging at every step and makes the learning experience something to look forward to each week.    
    Now, with the breathing techniques I've learned, "I can live with it", and I can control it.  I am able to lessen the frequency, pain, and duration of the episodes, and biofeedback has given me the peace of mind to know I have the tools to take back control of my life.  I was also able to lower my blood pressure with the relaxation techniques she taught me.    
    Biofeedback has given my husband and I back our dream of traveling by our boat up to Alaska.  Now, we dont' have to worry about being near a hospital anymore because of my health.
    Thank you Heather for all your help."  
    -Beth F.


"Biofeedback showed me how to handle stress mentally and the benefit of breathing properly to relax during times of stress.  Heather is very knowledgeable in her field and is thorough in her explanations of the biofeedback data."
Bob C.

What clients are saying about our coaching and flyfishing:

    "I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the wonderful fly-fishing/life balance weekend! I returned very tired but amazingly refreshed and relaxed. It was a fantastic experience for me in many ways and I feel that I learned some valuable lessons.

For one thing, simply trying something new that I had never thought of trying before, and really enjoying it, has left me wondering how much I might be missing in my life since I "lost" the adventurous part of myself over recent years. I gained another important realization in that I believe I had forgotten how necessary it is for me to take time out from work and all other obligations and go to a different place.
Exciting stuff hooking a fish - even though the ones I hooked were small. I never thought of fishing as an activity that would be exciting before this. Experiencing the feeling of bringing one in was also exciting and quite a challenge. In doing so, I found it interesting that you alternate between reeling in and letting him run - repeatedly - until he tires and gives up. Could it be that this little lesson's significance to finding balance is the timing - knowing when to "reel in" and when to let go?
    A significant life balance lesson that I learned happened in the water at Hat Creek. The physical sensation and process of wading the stream - in fast and slow moving water, stepping around rocks and finding a place to rest where the current wouldn't plow me under, regaining my foothold, and then continuing on the next place - struck me as the best symbolic definition of Life Balance. This aspect of the fly-fishing experience was extremely powerful. Where the current was fast moving, it took a lot of strength and feet planted solidly to avoid being knocked over. You pointed out an eddy formed by a large rock as a good place to stand - a place to rest. You recommended the use of a wading stick (I needed it) as a means of support when crossing. Reading the river to know where to cross, taking my time, feeling apprehension, letting it go, and continuing on. These are great metaphors of navigating through a life that is in balance.
This experience has brought me a great deal of joy and will remain with me for a long time. Hopefully, so will the lessons learned from it. I would not hesitate to recommend your program to anyone who might be interested".    
    -Renee Paladini, President

     "My work with Tim Berry has been both enlightening and cathartic, and while I recognize I still have a long way to go, I am very pleased with our work together. As a 25 year veteran of publicly traded companies in various management roles, I realize that I've needed more than just fine tuning, I've evolved to the point of re-tooling. And if I've learned anything over the years it's that my relationships with others, and ultimately with myself, affect a desired outcome.
I have usually relied on intuition, particularly when maneuvering through uncharted waters. I always try to identify the basic elements of the challenge, whether its lack of information, experience, pride, fear or greed, and have learned to realize that no matter how much time is invested, one clearly can't anticipate all of the hurdles. As confident as I may be, I can still be blind sided, sometimes severely, which can fuel introspection, doubt, and, heaven forbid, failure.
    Unfortunately, there are few people in our lives who can provide an objective, clear third-party assessment of performance. Not from a numbers perspective, but from a personal growth oriented perspective. We all need coaching, and we tend to rely on friends, clergy, family, and mentors to provide it - if we have the courage to reach out. But if we do, the help provided by these people is usually inconsistent if not biased, and not always based in experience. And we tend not to completely open up for many reasons.
wanted help from someone who specialized in coaching, so decided to take a big step in my life and admit to myself that I needed to change the way I viewed myself and the challenges at hand. I wanted results, and the typical every other week for an hour scenario didn't fit.
    I signed on with Tim for an intensive series of two-hour leadership coaching sessions, knit together with daily follow up calls. Sometimes those calls could last as long as 45 minutes. While I was initially concerned about the time commitment, it proved to be invigorating. Literally, within a week I was able to identify and understand many of the issues, which were indeed blind siding me, and began to formulate a life plan to alter my patterns of behavior.
If you are in need of re-tooling or even fine-tuning, I highly recommend contacting Tim to discuss how he can direct positive change in your life".   -Michael B., Bank Executive

     "This fly-fishing weekend with Tim Berry proved to be an excellent setting to recharge my batteries. Tim’s experience and easy communication style, combined with the beauty of the rivers and wildlife, helped bring to focus the most important elements of balancing my work demands, home responsibilities, and personal needs. I recommend a weekend with Tim Berry to anyone wrestling with how to “make it all balance.” And I can even fly-fish now!"  
Paul Hoffman, CPA 

     "We had a very successful Sonoma Hospitality Team Building Experience July 23 and 24. Tim Berry did and outstanding job leading the group through a discussion on stress and reinforcing the DISC leadership style analysis. Tim was most valuable during our deep discussions on trust and the team dynamic. He helped keep the conversation on tract and his insights combined with the pre-session reading helped the group communicate openly at a professional level". 
    -Roger Riccardi, Marketing Director

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