Fly Fishing

    We have been using the fluid forces of nature as an adjunct to our corporate and coaching work since we opened our doors in 1995.  
For example, we have used the ever-changing currents found in river rafting as a tool for team building. We have also used the magnificence of the Pacific Ocean, numerous streams, rivers and lakes as the setting for helping people connect with nature in a renewed and unique fashion and for both personal and team growth. Fly-fishing is our favorite teaching tool to use on these wild bodies of water.

    Fly-fishing has become an extraordinary technique to help people learn how to strengthen their inner core self - be it for purposes of effective leadership, enhanced personal relationships, or individual growth. Fly-fishing can teach us in a practical way how less is more. We also learn how disruptive and non-productive pitting ourselves against the universal laws of nature can be. Deep, soul-felt insight comes to those willing to commit to such experiences. Quite simply, positive change takes place on the water. we experience the water it becomes out teacher and our guide...

                                         How We Do It
Step 1: Together We Set Goals

Coaching is a collaboration between a qualified coach and a client that supports the achievement of positive change.

We have an initial goal planning session in person or by telephone. At that time, we establish a date and locale for our coaching-fishing retreat. Your level of fly-fishing experience is unimportant. In preparation for the retreat, you will be provided a customized packet of information-gathering instruments to be completed prior to the event.

Some of the common retreat destinations are Belize, California, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. If you desire another place, we can make it happen. All you do is show up, and we take care of the rest.

Step 2:  The Coach-Fishing Retreat

The coaching-fishing retreat typically lasts two to five days. The structure of each retreat is personalized to help meet your goals. This is done through time on the water, downtime, and coaching sessions.

Step 3: We Follow-Through

Our dedication is to work with you until you fulfill your stated goals. The forum for the follow-through is composed of personal meetings, phone sessions, emails, and/or other coaching-fishing retreats as desired.

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